Brian’s Back!!

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Yes, It’s true!!

Brian Johnson has confirmed that he is back with ACDC and they are in fact working on a new album. This is such great news and I was absolutely stoked to wake up and hear it.

The past few years have been difficult to be an ACDC fan in regards to not knowing what the future held for the band. With the 2017 passing of the great Malcolm Young (RIP). Brian losing his hearing and having to step away from the mic and being replaced by Axl Rose from Guns ‘N’ Roses (I’ll get to that shortly), and shortly before the tour ended, Bassist Cliff Williams announced he would be retiring and taking a well-deserved break from being on the road. Angus’s world of ACDC seemed to be all but over.

Was he going to put some sort of blues solo band together? Retire? ( I doubt it ). Or would he call up Axl again and maybe do an album. I had heard this rumor more than once, but I myself did not believe it. Guns N Roses had just reunited and were embarking on one of the biggest tours in history! And Axl in ACDC was always a part-time, fill-in gig. Angus was bound by a contract and had to finish the “Rock Or Bust” tour.

Before Axl even had a chance to prove himself he had already been written off. But I really think he surprised everybody and did an excellent job filling in for Brian. Axl has been a big fan of ACDC for many many years and has been known to play “A Whole Lot Of Rosie” on several occasions during the later stages of the reincarnated Guns N Roses” ( There is a great version on youtube with Zakk Wylde Jamming with the band ). Axl and Angus obviously have a great friendship and a lot of respect for each other as when Guns N Roses were touring through Australia, Angus joined them onstage on more than one occasion. An absolute dream come true for slash and the boys I’d imagine.

So what does 2019 hold for ACDC? Well, that could be anyone’s guess but my guess is that we will see some more noise about an album. I think Cliff will be back in the band after being bored shitless at home. Stevie Young (Angus’s nephew) will remain on rhythm guitar and I really hope the human metronome “Phil Rudd” will be back behind the kit. Phil has fought his demons and come out the other side. There were some photos of Phil with the band leaked last year but until its confirmed, who really knows.

All I really know is that 2019 is going to be an exciting year to be an ACDC Fan.


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