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June 1994, Town and Country Club London England….

Suddenly the lights go down, the roar of the crowd is deafening, the mosh pit sways and heaves side to side. Out of the smoky shadows comes Lemmy swaggering to the mic, cigarette in mouth, bass growling as he warms ups. Phil Campbell, Wurzel and Mikkey Dee take their places on stage.

“Good evening” comes the familiar gravelly throaty voice “We are Motorhead…… and we’re gonna kick your arse”.

What comes next can only be described as a life-changing moment for me as a musician. The sonic wave of pure unaltered power that explodes is mind-blowing, I stand there, eyes and mouth wide open “Fuck!! It is so loud”.

Ace of Spades is the first song and it’s a wall of wailing guitars and thunderous drums, not to mention that voice! The voice of a God! The band is firing on all cylinders and it feels glorious. Song after song, louder and wilder than hell, gladly and willingly the sonic waves smash into my face.

After 90 epic minutes Lemmy and the band are gone taking no prisoners with them, we’re exhausted, ears ringing, trudging out into the late London summer evening a sweaty mass of heavy rock happiness.

I had seen a ton of bands live already but nothing came close to that, Motorhead were and always will be the band I loved the most to see live. That full beautiful electric noise.

That was the first time “music” really spoke to me.

We all have different versions of basically the same event in Mojo Alice. For Bro-D it was hearing Guns n Roses for the first time. The high screeching voice of Axl Rose and the dirty, slithery sound of Slash’s Les Paul Guitar.

Jem fell in love with Meatloaf and how his songs can take you on a journey, purely by his storytelling style.

And Matty…. well he’s just straight old school. It was Thin Lizzy who the inspiration to pick up the bass.

When Mojo Alice kicks into “In My Head” that familiar feeling from London washes over me every time. The sonic power and heavy wall of sound that explodes out when Bro-D peels off the opening. The band kicks in with Jem’s powerful vocal delivery, Its heavy blues and kicks arse!

Many fan’s have commented on hearing our influences in our music too. Lemmy and Motorhead have been mentioned several times, and while it’s not something we are really conscious about when we write, we will certainly take it as a huge fucking compliment!

We just work on making the song swing with groove and attitude. Yet collectively we are aware that Mojo Alice has a similar intensity – that “balls to the wall” live sound, because we feel it at every rehearsal and every gig.

Dirty Mary was one of the first songs we wrote as Mojo Alice and is one of my favorites because it captures our pure essence as a band.

That full-on electric groove, having a good time and kicking arse feel comes naturally in our music and when we are in full flight live it transpires to whoever is in earshot!

You “MOJO MOFO’S” can Check out the single “Dirty Mary” in the lyric video below. It’s a kick-ass song with an upbeat blues groove.

Please leave a comment below and let us know the moment when a band changed your life. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the song!




  • Eric Fisher says:

    Remember the movie well. And this song more than does it justice! Thank you!

  • Joe Lynch says:

    First time I saw Rory Gallagher live need I say anymore.

  • Christine Ware says:

    I pray that you all are staying healthy. I am healthy and safe.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Christine,

      We are all doing ok. Hopefully past the worst.
      Glad you are staying safe.

      Mojo Alice

  • Jens Heise says:

    Goosebumps again!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:


      Thank you so much – Just a couple of words can mean so much.

      Hope your doing well

  • Chris Gordon says:

    Great sound and that very talented rock chick is my gorgeous niece!
    All the best for your musical journey!

  • Christine Ware says:

    I’m an aging rocker (LOL) and love your music! I am a Halestorm fan (just to name ONE), that is always looking for more from our gender! Women can ROCK!!

    You’ve been my recent artistic motivation, too! Sketching Jem, while listening to Liquid Skin, was exhilerating! I sketched the band, too (afterthought).

    You guys are fantastic! Keep on rockin’!!


  • Simon says:

    Thanks for sharing Morpheus, great story, love it!!
    For me it was watching a 92 concert of Gunners and Gilby and Slash soloing together, that’s when i decided I wanted to learn guitar.
    Ya can’t beat getting goosebumps from music and if I could ever give someone that feeling from my playing then that to me is the ultimate!!!

    Love your work Mojo Alice and will hopefully see ya round soon.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Thanks for the cool feedback!
      We’ll be playing live soon Nov 23. Gilby and Slash were awesome together
      Matt Sorum and Duff were killer rhythm section too in that era.

  • Mary Alice L. says:

    F***king Aye! I also think of Heart when I hear this. I love it.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Thanks for your message Mary
      Oh yeah, Heart Ann and Nancy Wilson. Our vocalist Jem has a very similar strong voice to Ann.
      Love their song Magic Man the most cos it’s got a great groove!
      Morpheus \m/

      • Pablo Rocker says:

        Wonderfull Rock’N’Roll forever Rider again to the Now and Future…
        This is a wonder hope
        Saludos from Spain.
        Seville Hard Rock and Biker Rebels

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Pablo,

        Thank you so much – glad you enjoyed it.
        Hope you’re staying safe over in Spain.

        Mojo Alice

  • Brad Shelton says:

    hell yeah…I can relate, I will never forget those words “we are motorhead and we play rock and roll!”. kickass song …love it…keep rocking cause your in my head!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Cheers for your comment man!
      Saw Motorhead twice just blew me away both times. Loud as fuck and wild crowds- brilliant gigs.
      Such a great live band Lemmy ,Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee are great musos

  • Kevin Horn says:

    Your right that song did kick arse. My musical moment was Ozzy,when I first heard him I totally went crazy.

    • William Sams says:

      Band sounds great. Much better than other stuff I’ve heard lately. Keep rockin’.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi William,
        Awesome to hear you think that! And yes, there is
        some garbage out there!
        We’ll be sure to keep rockin!

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