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Album release date fast approaches!

Thank you for getting behind us, being here at the beginning – as we stick that foot out into the great big cyber world, exposed bellies first!

I myself am such a worrywart when it comes to putting myself out there and as the 1st of September fast approaches, I have been freaking just a little bit…

Jamming out at practice: no freaking probs. Rocking out on stage at a gig & feeling the awesome vibes bouncing back = bring it ON! 

When us mofo’s are together as a unit, as Mojo Alice – damn! It’s like wearing a super-suit and it’s just all about the groove, the Mojo.

But taking it up that notch, laying down tracks and creating an album? Woah, the nerves!

I have to say, putting out our title track as a freebie and then seeing you legends downloading it has been fecking awesome, so glad we did it! (B – you da man)

The positive vibes, comments & messages flowing back have washed a lot of those nerves away and made more room for the cool stuff, the anticipation & excitement!


We really are super proud of what we have achieved on this album. 

The sound is raw. It’s rock with a full set of teeth. 

There’s no fluff and if you join us at a gig, it’s just what you will get! 

And the most awesome part is: it’s just the beginning…

Jem x🤘x



  • John Albert says:

    u got nothing to worry your pretty little head about what I’ve heard so faris pure kickass rock &fuckn roll can’t wait to see Uall in concert when u come to the US that is keep on rockn & sail on to the top

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Aww thanks John – means a lot to hear that and FORK we would LOVE to come to the US. Ya just never know…
      But what I do know – Only 6 days to go!!
      Luv Jem

      • Laura Druckhammer says:

        Dearest Jem,
        I said it once and I’ll say it again. You guys better strap yourselves in because the ride you’re about to take is going fast and far!!! The band’s energy alone is enough to get the attention of even the hardest of rock snobs, myself included. You are amazing individually and together…you just have ‘IT!!’ I can’t wait to receive my CD and t-shirt and REALLY can’t wait to hear you live!! I’ll go to Houston, Dallas, Austin (live music capital of the world!!) or wherever to come see you guys. Jem, don’t worry about nerves babe. You have clearly got this. Stay true to yourselves and the rest will take care of itself. Love always…Laura

  • larry W spencer says:

    Love your raw real sound. No shiny commercialism. Love your energy a most important part of the sound you create. Can’t wait for the CD!!!!!!!!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Woohoo Larry! Awesome! That’s EXACTLY where we are coming from and it’s so freaking great to hear that is coming through.
      Thanks so much!
      Luv Jem

  • Steve Hill says:

    Really enjoyed listening to your new single “Liquid Sin.” You have an amazing voice, the band is razor sharp and overall the sound you all generate is awesome. Can’t wait to purchase your album.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Thanks so much Steve, humbling words and very much appreciated. such an exciting and nail biting time – but looking forward to whats next!
      Luv Jem

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