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It was December 15th, 2018.

Its 7.30pm and Mojo Alice has just finished our 20 minute set in the finals for the Nationwide Battle of The Bands comp. We had traveled over 900kms and poured everything we had into this competition. Beating out 80 other bands, we had made it to the top 15 by convincing our fans to “vote for us” and get us to the finals. Then – just like that – it was all over…we didn’t win…..and how did we feel? RELIEVED!!

Mojo Alice will never take part in a competition again. Not because we didn’t win, not because we didn’t have a good time working together, but because we never want to be put in a situation where “expert judges” determine if you are good enough or not.

But there was plenty of positives that came out of competing. We wrote some fantastic kick ass songs – and people loved them! The word spread that we put on one hell of a live show and our fan base grew.

But the most amazing thing that happened trumps all of these…. and it involves YOU!!

I had just finished loading my gear into the venue when I realized I had forgotten something from my hotel room (which was a 2-minute walk away).

Bryce & Jem with our new friend Zane

As I exited and crossed the street something caught my eye…

It was one of our “Mojo Alice” printed T-shirts, but I didn’t recognize who was wearing it. I went straight over and introduced myself and quickly realized it was our newest fan “Zane”, who had found us on Facebook and had won a competition we had run to win a free t-shirt.

After 9 hours of traveling and seeing a complete stranger in a Mojo Alice T-shirt was an amazing feeling and one that none of us will ever forget.

There was plenty of bands from Zane’s home town that he could have been there to support, but he was there for us!

And from that point on we all knew one thing – we want to be a band for the fans. Because at the end of the day that is what we are – fans, first and foremost, we are fans of music. That is why we do what we do and that will never change!

And that is also why you taking the time to read this blog is so fricken cool! And it means so much to each of us.

Mojo Alice left to right Jem, Matty Ray, Morpheus & Bro-D

Gone are the days where you get to meet your favorite band at an in-store signing for a cd release. The only way you get to meet your heroes is by purchasing an expensive VIP ticket. And even then, you only get 30 seconds to take a photo with them.

This is where us being a “fans come first” band sets us apart from other bands.

We are creating something very special here, and by we, we mean you and us – The fan and Mojo Alice are taking this special journey together and we can’t do it without you. One does not work without the other and we will never forget it!

We are very happy to have you here, so welcome to our “Mojo Mofo” family.

Please comment below and tell us where you’re from.

We would love to hear from every single one of you!


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Talk soon

Bro-D, Morpheus, Matty Ray & Jem


  • Paul says:

    I’m here in the heart of the USA, outside of Kansas City, Mo. Your song Mr J caught my attention last year and plan on playing Liquid Sin on my show Our 6-String World which begins at midnight tonight cdt. Love your music!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Paul!
      Thank you so much! We appreciate you playing our music and glad you dig it!

      Hope your well

  • Hi guys Fletcher Christian here, you are right meeting bands is a thing of the past, but you pop up on my screen and thats cool enough for me. I dig your music and you all look awesome. You have a cool lifestyle so make the most of it. Fletcher Christian.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Fletcher!
      Thanks so much for your message! We are so glad you enjoy our music!
      Hope your staying well and thanks for your support!!


  • Michelle Fox says:

    Hail from Bulls NZ. About to listen!!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Michelle!!
      Thanks for checking us out! Hope you enjoyed it!
      We love Bulls kebabs 😜

  • Grant says:

    Great sounds love it

  • Avery Jenkins says:

    Awesome sound hope they make it to south fla .good vibes keep on trucking

  • Matthew Mottram says:

    Discovered you guys via Kaos fm. Best rock station in NZ

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey dude!
      Yea Kaos Rock! we are big fans and appreciate your and their support!

      Cheers again

  • Tony says:

    Found your band on Facebook liked the song so been listening on U tube 🤘🤘dunedin

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Tony!
      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the song! We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up so keep an eye out!

      Thanks again for the support


  • Andries Roux says:

    Hey’m completely blown away by the sheer ENERGY of that awesome song.Battle of the bands or not,you guys rock.I present a Rock show on a local radiostation in South Africa where I live and with your permission,I’d love to give this song a safe and stay sane.thanks again for the song!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Andries!
      Thanks so much for your message! We would be honored if you played our song on your station!

      Hope your staying safe & thanks for your support!

  • Peter Holmberg says:

    Hi guys
    I´m so happy I did find your new song on FB. You guys rock. Jem´s sound is GREAT. Did already check your other songs on Spotify. Good stuff. Keep on
    Helsinki, Finland

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Peter!
      Thanks so much for your comment!
      So glad you enjoyed our song. Thanks so much for your support

      Mojo Alice \m/

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