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It was December 15th, 2018.

Its 7.30pm and Mojo Alice has just finished our 20 minute set in the finals for the Nationwide Battle of The Bands comp. We had traveled over 900kms and poured everything we had into this competition. Beating out 80 other bands, we had made it to the top 15 by convincing our fans to “vote for us” and get us to the finals. Then – just like that – it was all over…we didn’t win…..and how did we feel? RELIEVED!!

Mojo Alice will never take part in a competition again. Not because we didn’t win, not because we didn’t have a good time working together, but because we never want to be put in a situation where “expert judges” determine if you are good enough or not.

But there was plenty of positives that came out of competing. We wrote some fantastic kick ass songs – and people loved them! The word spread that we put on one hell of a live show and our fan base grew.

But the most amazing thing that happened trumps all of these…. and it involves YOU!!

I had just finished loading my gear into the venue when I realized I had forgotten something from my hotel room (which was a 2-minute walk away).

Bryce & Jem with our new friend Zane

As I exited and crossed the street something caught my eye…

It was one of our “Mojo Alice” printed T-shirts, but I didn’t recognize who was wearing it. I went straight over and introduced myself and quickly realized it was our newest fan “Zane”, who had found us on Facebook and had won a competition we had run to win a free t-shirt.

After 9 hours of traveling and seeing a complete stranger in a Mojo Alice T-shirt was an amazing feeling and one that none of us will ever forget.

There was plenty of bands from Zane’s home town that he could have been there to support, but he was there for us!

And from that point on we all knew one thing – we want to be a band for the fans. Because at the end of the day that is what we are – fans, first and foremost, we are fans of music. That is why we do what we do and that will never change!

And that is also why you taking the time to read this blog is so fricken cool! And it means so much to each of us.

Mojo Alice left to right Jem, Matty Ray, Morpheus & Bro-D

Gone are the days where you get to meet your favorite band at an in-store signing for a cd release. The only way you get to meet your heroes is by purchasing an expensive VIP ticket. And even then, you only get 30 seconds to take a photo with them.

This is where us being a “fans come first” band sets us apart from other bands.

We are creating something very special here, and by we, we mean you and us – The fan and Mojo Alice are taking this special journey together and we can’t do it without you. One does not work without the other and we will never forget it!

We are very happy to have you here, so welcome to our “Mojo Mofo” family.

Please comment below and tell us where you’re from.

We would love to hear from every single one of you!


Please do us a massive favor and add us to your favorite social media platforms. It really helps us out 🙂

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Talk soon

Bro-D, Morpheus, Matty Ray & Jem


  • Paul says:

    Loved the single listening from New Zealand great music keep it coming

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi ya Paul,
      Thanks and we will definitely keep it coming!
      Thanks for supporting NZ music

      • Mike Hawes says:

        Loved the single, can’t wait to hear more. Keep it coming

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Mike!
        Thanks so much, super glad you enjoyed Liquid Sin!
        Keep an eye out as there is more coming!


      • Wurxend says:

        Bring on a gig in Tauranga !

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        We are planning some gigs at the moment so Tauranga is definitely
        on the cards. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!!


      • Hector FB says:

        Even we’re so far we’re connected by your energy and powerful music. Love your bet to keep rockin’all over the world. Hope to see you someday in Spain!!!!,💪💪💪

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Hector!
        Thank you so much for your kind comment!! We would love to come to Spain!
        So make sure you tell all your friends over there about us and we’ll make it happen together!!

        Thanks again

    • LadyinkMaarit says:

      I’m from Finland and Spain, nowadays mostly in Spain.

  • Andrew Blunt says:

    Listened to the track and really liked it, keep up the good work.
    Your music has reached Malta.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Malta! Awesome!
      Cheers for your support! Really means a lot to us
      \m/ Matty

      • William Sams says:

        The single sounds great.I’m from Mt.
        Airy,N.C. The band sounds great as well. Good talent. I’ll probably buy the cd. Keep up the good work.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi William,
        Thanks for your nice comment. We really appreciate your support!
        Matty \m/

  • Patricia Leonard says:

    Mojo Alice what a neat band name and you guys really rock. Thankyou for sharing Liquid Sin great song blew me away so sent so shared it to my son who left for Aussie later weekend, he will love it too. Cheers Trish

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thank you so much for your comment. We are so glad you liked liquid sin!
      Please let us know what you think of the rest of the album!
      Talk to you soon
      We appreciate your support!

      • Wilson d springford says:

        Cool name for the band and single vocals and guitar work awesome together keep it going looking forward to seeing a live show

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Thanks for your feedback,
        Great – cant wait to play for you!

  • bostyn says:

    hey guys love this track thanks for sharing it will share it in europe many will love it to over the ocean 🙂

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Bostyn!
      Thanks for your message and glad you enjoyed the track!
      We appreciate you sharing it too!

      Thanks so much for your support
      Mojo Alice \m/

      • Oracle says:

        Wow! Just Wow!! Foot tapping, head bopping, booty shaking AWESOME!!
        I’d go on but AWESOME pretty much says it all. Up goes the volume 😁

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Oracle,
        What a cool name! Thanks for your message, foot-tapping
        and head popping it EXACTLY what we are going for!
        Music that moves you \m/

  • Eva says:

    I fell in love with the song and I’m not the kind of girl that falls in love easily,right?
    I’m a radio producer and I’m playing the bluez the last 7 years in my shows…I play the bluez for you and for eveyone that feels the blues in their veins!!!Friends know me as Foxy Lady and I live and broadcast from Athens,Greece.I would like to play your song in my next show,tonight is Ginger Baker’s night but next Monday from 23.00 to 01.00 i intend to introduce you to my friends,if it’s alright with you.
    Here I’m crazy for you guys!!!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Eva!
      Thank you so much for the message! We would be honored to be played on your radio
      show! And in Greece! Wow!
      Absolutely share it with your friends! Thanks so much for the support!
      We will be tuning in!!
      Mojo Alice

  • Gerry Casey says:

    Hi Mojo Alice!
    What a rocking single! I have a radio show on the internet. It’s called Turn it up! The station is called radio home of rock . I’ve included liquid sin on my playlist for tonight’s show . The broadcast time is 8.15pm to 11.15 pm CET Central European time , 7.15 to 10.15 pm uk/ ireland. Login details also we are uploading the shows to the Podbean app generally a few days after the radio broadcast you can find the show on Podbean by searching for Gerry Casey’s Turn it Up . So good luck with the single and the album. It’s sounds fantastic
    Best regards

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Gerry!
      That’s amazing – thank you so much! We will definitely be downloading the app
      and checking it out!
      Glad you liked the track.
      Thanks for supporting Mojo Alice!


  • Yavanna says:

    This stirred up alot of memories and tingles in my spine.. Nice!! Love your philosophy

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Yavanna,
      That’s so cool that our song connected with you.
      It’s exactly what music is made for!!

      Thanks for your support

    • Fiona Gould says:

      Awesome single, Jem you gave an amazing strong voice, kick ass guitar and drums , would l8ve to ser you guys live . Live in Fairlie South Canterbury, Timaru is our closest big town if you get a chance to tour down south . Where can we purchase your CD you guys rock !

  • MEAN Gene says:

    I loved it from the get. It’s got a really good catchy riff and cool lyrics. I want more with that same energy.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      MEAN Gene!
      Thank you so much for your message! It was important
      for us to record “live” so all that energy was captured!
      We have more coming your way so keep an eye out!!

      Bro – D

      • Kelly Henderson says:

        Harkens me to my youthful days And so, ya, I’m groovin on your sound and liking what you are saying about being fan based.
        Writing from Tennessee, USA.
        Rock on!

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Kelly!
        Cool, so glad you’re enjoying it and u have got the groove goin!
        Our fans are absolute number 1 – so thank you for being part of the team!

        Keep an eye out for more tunes full of groove coming your way!!
        Matty \m/

      • Pappy Peace says:

        Love the track takes me back to better times.when music meant something,thank you.I’m from Connelsville Pa.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Pappy!
        Thanks for that, that’s a really cool comment – and music certainly
        means alot to us!

      • Den Richards says:

        Pantera,Sabbath,Disturbed,now Mojo Alice.You guys rock! I’m 67 years young,and still metal mad! How do I get a Mojo t shirt?

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Den!
        That’s so good to hear! 67 years young alright! Thanks so much.
        You can grab a t-shirt at
        Any problems let us know,


      • Janet Bowers says:

        Loved the track you sent and the blog you posted. Good to hear a ballsy band with a ton of style. I live in Spain so if you ever tour over here will see you. Otherwise will be listening to more of your music. Take care, love ya Janet

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Janet,
        Thanks for your message – glad you liked the track.
        We would love to play in Spain, and we will definitely keep you updated
        if we head over your ways!
        Thanks again,

    • Pappy Peace says:

      Love the track takes me back to better times.when music meant something,thank you.

  • Richard Rockell says:

    Hi guys, glad to be in touch. I’m from Waihi, just north of Tauranga. I’d love to come see you play if you ever get up this way. Keep pumping out the jams.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Richard!
      We are super stoaked to have you along here with us!
      We cant wait to play up your ways! And we will definitely let you
      know when that happens!
      We got more jams coming your way.. so crank them up!


  • Philip Austin says:

    Hi Guy’s
    Great effort always appreciate free music. I have listened to blue’s music for more than 40 years, my favourite artist is Joe Bonamassa, and I think you guys are heading in that direction, I found the vocals a bit like Beth Hart, with some good bluesy riffs happening. It is so good to have home grown talent playing in this genre.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Phillip,
      Thanks for the feedback. We are big fans of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Heart
      so that means a lot!
      Keep an eye out for more bluesy riffs coming your way!

    • Merv says:

      Your sound is great enjoyed the track and want to hear more having e the a great journey

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi ya Merv,

        Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed the track. We have more music coming your way
        so keep an eye out!
        So grateful to have you on this journey with us!


  • Debi Atkinson says:

    Really liked your music and have a long time friend who writes his own songs and plays as well. My late husband was an Elvis tribute artist so music is in my blood and being 65 years old have listened to a lot of music in my lifetime. Live in a college town in Oxford, Ms. and am sure the kids will love your music also. Best of luck to you and God bless

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Thanks so much for the kind feedback.
      Elvis being the King of Rock n Roll set a benchmark we hope we can live up to.
      Please share our music with your family and keep on rocking!

      \m/ Morpheus \m/

    • Patty says:

      Really love your music. From Maine originally but living in NC. My husband and I are Army Vets.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Patty!
        So glad you enjoyed the tune! Keep an eye for more coming your way!
        Talk soon!

    • Wendy Savage says:

      We are from Naenae & very much enjoyed your song, very polished & sounding good guys.
      Thank you

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Debi!
        Thanks for your email!
        If your around in November you should come to our gig in Lower Hutt!
        Be great to have you there. Details are on our facebook page.

        Thanks again for your support,


    Definitely some good old dirty rock

    Oak ridge Tennessee USA

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Jon,
      Thanks so much for your feedback!
      Rock On! \m/

      • Marijke Dulver says:

        Loving your style and loving new single, Jem your vocals are awesome, cross between Lizzy Hale an Janis Joplin, can’t wait for more \m/

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Marijke,
        Thank you for your comment! Jem will be so thrilled to hear that
        as she is a big fan of Lizzy & Janis. What a compliment!
        Thanks again

  • tom says:


  • Hutch says:

    Listened, Liked it, and add to my playlist.
    Camp Hill, PA

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Hutch,
      Glad that you liked it & thanks for adding us to your playlist!


      • Cindy Willis says:

        Listened. Omg, love the song! Added to my playlist and have shared it with friends. Thank you !

        Murray, Ky (transplanted from New Mexico)

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi ya, Cindy!!
        We are so glad you liked our song!
        I really does mean a lot to us!
        And thanks for sharing our music, hope they enjoyed it as well!!

        Thanks again,

      • Donnetta says:

        I really liked your sound…..thanks for sharing with a new fan!

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Donnetta!
        Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad to have you
        on board!!! Keep an eye out for more free music!


      • George says:

        Seriously amazing composition, you Rock!! Loved it…made me say… More please, thank you. Keep doing what your doing, because your doing it right!!

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi George!
        Thank you so much for the amazing feedback!
        It made our day reading your post!
        We will definitely keep it going!!
        \m/ Morphues \m/

    • D Hicks says:

      Listened, liked work hard and enjoy the ride

  • Matt S. says:

    Great song and ready to hear some more! Coming at you from Central Michigan.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Matt!
      From one Matt to another…..Thanks for your feedback brother!
      It means a lot – Plenty more to come

      Matty Ray

      • William Rhinehart says:

        Love your new single Liquid Sin. Looking forward to hearing more. Need to get you here in Seattle Washingto at one of our great venues.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Thanks for your feedback. We would love to come to Seattle!

        Fingers crossed!

        Morpheus \m/

    • John Albert says:

      already said that liquid sin is great.I would love a t-shirt how much is it the blog was interesting John A jaming to Mojo Alice from Guymon Oklahoma

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey John!
        Thanks for the feedback on “Liquid Sin”! Glad you enjoyed it!
        We are in the middle of adding merch to our website at the moment, so we’ll
        be sure to let you know when the t-shirts are available!

        Thanks again for tuning in
        Morpheus \m/

      • Ron says:

        A very good tune,enjoyed it!
        Keep me informed of merchandise and future tours.
        Ron from Islip Terrace,N.Y.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi ya Ron!
        Glad you enjoyed it, and we’ll be sure to keep
        you updated!


  • Guy Cloney says:

    Love the band and the new single,Liquid Sin.I will be playing it tonight on Sonic Landscapes Network,my online radio station based in Presque Isle,Maine,USA and broadcasting all over the planet!I look forward to hearing the LP when completed.

  • Marie Martin says:

    I really enjoyed the clip. I’m in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Marie,
      Cool, I know where that is, not too far away from Dallas!
      Thanks for the comment and great to have you on board!

      • melissa Jenkins says:

        Not bad,not bad.I mainly listen to heavy metal, (the kind you basically hear growling and screaming as some may call it) but it’s my soother. You guys are pretty good and I could see myself adding you into my playlist. Two enthusiastic thumbs up, can’t wait to hear more.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Melissa!
        Thanks for your feedback. We definitely have some tracks that might be a bit more “up your alley”.
        One of my favorite bands is Pantera, so I’m on board with the heavy stuff too!
        Thanks again and appreciate your input!


      • Kimberly r nowak says:

        Have to say, way better than I expected..
        Music is great .. vocals wow!!
        Big big fan can’t wait for more..
        And I wanna rock a shirt🤘🤘

      • Robert Norton jr says:

        Really like the music I’m from Sedalia Missouri.

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Robert!
        Thanks – We a glad you liked it!
        Sedalia Missouri…..The home of Ragtime Roots. That’s awesome

        Matty Ray

      • Kimberly r nowak says:

        I so look forward to seeing, hearing, and meeting you guys… Rockin in California 🤘🤘🤘

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Kimberly!!
        Thank you so much for your feedback! It really Means a lot.
        We will have some merch up on our site soon, so keep an eye out!
        And we can’t wait to come to California one day. I went to Ozzfest a couple
        of years ago in San Bernardino. Cannot wait to go back!

        Bro-D \m/

    • Michelle Kraft says:

      Love love love! Michelle from edgar Wisconsin

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Michelle!
        So glad you liked it & thanks for the feedback.
        It truly means a lot!!


    • Theresa DiMarco says:

      Theresa, from Atlanta Georgia, found your band from Face book and just heard you guys for the first time. I love it!

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Theresa,
        Thanks for the feedback! Glad to have you here!
        Keep a lookout for more tunes..


  • Tony Brock says:

    So I downloaded Liquid Sin and gave it a couple of listens……definitely something I could see myself listening to in a small club (just my preference) with some friends and drinks. Musically I was reminded of Sixty Watt Shaman, vocally I heard tinges of Sebastian Bach. I will definitely be checking out more of your work. I’m in Tennessee, not far from Asheville, NC, so if you guys ever hit The Orange Peel in Asheville, I’ll be there.

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey Tony!
      Wow, what a compliment! Sebastian has a powerful voice, instantly recognizable & one that contributed to a fantastic part of Rock history. You’ve made my day!


    • Tim (hammer) Johnson says:

      Hey guys, all I can say is keep on what you are doing!!! Man y’all sound great!
      I’m from a little hole in the wall place in Tennessee (USA) called Quebeck.
      Peace and rock on!!

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hey Tim,
        Nice to hear from ya, from way over in Tennessee!
        Thanks for the feedback man.
        Really appreciate it!


  • Diane Harder says:

    Excited to hear more!!! Cannot wait!!!
    I am just south of Dallas, Texas!!!

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hi Diane!
      That’s so cool! I visited Dallas a couple of years back and loved it!
      Can’t wait to go back!

      • RAFER ONWILER says:

        Kick ass tune!!! Checking in from Kansas!!!

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Thanks for the feedback dude!
        We totally agree with you haha
        Hope everything is treating you well in Kansas!!

        Cheers \m/

      • Kat says:

        Great music y’all awesome job keep kicking ass ☠️ Here in Texas listening 💯👀💯

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Kat
        Thanks for your comment! We Love Texas and we
        will definitely continue to Kick Ass!


    • Neil says:

      Liquid Sin blew me away.The music was great and the vocals, WOW!!
      Heartland NZ

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Neil,
        Thanks for your comment. Yup, I agree with you – Jem is amazing!
        And ill be sure to pass on your message.

  • William Bright says:

    I really enjoyed Liquid Sin. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys. I’m from Tennessee

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Hey William!
      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed “Liquid Sin”. There is plenty more to come so
      keep an eye out!!

      • Tim Agar says:

        Gave it a listen, Love it. Alvin, tx. South of Houston, Tx

      • Mojo Alice Official says:

        Hi Tim,
        Thanks for your feedback man! Appreciate it!
        Keep out of those Alvin thunderstorms \m/ \m/


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