No Rest For The Wicked

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With gigs booked in March and April 2020 and running hot at rehearsals, we were looking forward to getting out playing live again so it was very disappointing to have to cancel our shows due to COVID-19. With an 8-week lockdown looming the hard part was always going to be not rehearsing and seeing each other for an extended period. As a band, we are close-knit and always enjoy hanging out- laughter is never very far away. So, in true Mojo Alice style (lockdown happened quickly in NZ) there was no bleating, we just sucked it up and got down to business……

As we talk with each other every day via social media platforms, very early into the lockdown we put a list together of tasks to keep the band moving forward. This included getting our backdrop painted  (and what a backdrop it is- it’s badass!) building up the content of our Mojo Alice YouTube channel with videos of us playing live, filming a drum through video of In My Head, and making a lyric video of Mr J. Accompanying this was developing our followers on Spotify and releasing more songs off our Liquid Sin album while looking into getting a manager to help move the band forward.

Planning is very important for any venture and running a band is no different. You have to be disciplined and work hard on it every day. By the end of the 8 weeks, we had achieved everything on our list except the management and by the ninth week, we were back into rehearsals which were nothing short of glorious. Everyone had kept their chops up in lockdown so we were very quickly back into form. Then came the bolt out of the blue…

 After exchanging a few words and submitting our press kit to the American management company “434 Management”, we were extremely excited to hear back from them requesting a meeting with us. The meeting was great and there was an instant connection with Paul and Derrick who are very down to earth no bullshit guys who share the same philosophy as us so it was an easy decision to sign up with them.  It’s great to be part of the 434 family!



This has given us a real opportunity to play in America and we are really looking forward to seeing what unfolds. One thing is for sure, hard work and good planning creates opportunity and we are going to do whatever it takes to make this work, so stay tuned – it’s going to get exciting…………


Hope you’re all safe!

Morpheus, Jem, Matty & Bro-d


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