Our Recipe For Writing Rocking Tunes

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In 2017 after being together about 15 months, we got bored learning covers and weren’t finding it a challenge so, we started jamming on riffs at rehearsal and out of nowhere, Brodie came up with the opening riff to “In My Head”.

The song itself fell into place very quickly and has elements of Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” and Whitesnake’s “Slow and Easy” with the start and stop phrasing through the verses. Jem added the lyrics based on the movie called “The Skeleton Key” and all of a sudden we had our first song completed. What a rush! – We all love the song and feel it really sums up what Mojo Alice is all about. Heavy Rock with a hoodoo Blues Groove!!

When we played it live, we got a real kick out of how it got people rockin’. “Awesome,” we thought, “they all love it too!!“

After the positive feedback from the fans, we decided to focus on writing our own songs at the beginning of 2018, and the songs started coming out like wildfire!

Our creative juices were flowing like the Niagara Falls after heavy rain! Every rehearsal brought out a new riff and soon we had another six songs done.

“Drop Dead”, “The Ace”, “Master of Loving”, “Just Not into You”, “Dirty Mary” and “Liquid Sin” were all written over a short period of time. Then came the epics “The Creature” and “Mr J”.

Two other songs we wrote got the chop because they just didn’t make the grade and we are very brutal like that, if it doesn’t groove and sound like Mojo Alice, we drop it and move on.

Our writing process is very collaborative and enjoyable. Brodie and Matty come up with riffs and we jam on it with everybody adding in new parts trying a whole bunch of ideas.

I try different beats and time signatures and Jem adds a basic vocal melody. When we feel we have something worthwhile we record a raw demo, write the lyrics and tweak it until we are happy with the final arrangement.

This part can take weeks and sometimes even months as we continue to make subtle changes after we have written the song.

We have one rule when we write songs and that is each song must sound different to each other yet still sound like “Mojo Alice”.

It has to be raw, powerful, melodic and groove -fast or slow. That’s our recipe!

So we are thrilled with the album recorded in April 2019 and the huge sound we have achieved in our studio – We can’t wait to share it with you.

Liquid Sin is an album to be played loud with a few drinks hanging with your mates, and you’ll definitely want to share the album with your neighbors!

Until next time, keep it hard and heavy!

Morpheus T. \m/ \m/


  • Graham Hooper says:

    Listen to Greta Van Fleet Travellers Song and Others if You Love Led Zep The Vocals,Guitar and Drums are Pure Zep.Even Robert Plant Mentioned the Singer Stealing his Younger Voice.

  • Laura says:

    You guys better buckle up because I believe you’re embarking on a journey that will far surpass your wildest dreams before it’s over!! I am a die hard Zeppelin girl so they are the bar when I’m experiencing new music. Being a rhythm whore makes that a mandatory requirement for me personally, lol. You have it all!! I sincerely dig you guys and am so happy to be here from the (near) beginning. Love your writing style! Love your groove! Love your sound! Love that it massages me viscerally…Peace, Laura 🦋

    • Mojo Alice Official says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am also a die-hard Zeppelin fan
      so that means a lot!
      Your support means the world to us!

      \m/ Morpheus \m/

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