2022 New year……. new album!

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Hey Mofos Happy New Year! We hope it has started well and you’re all in good form. The big news from us is that we have completed our second album which consists of ten bombastic stomping bluesy rock songs  and we can’t wait to get it out. We are currently working on a release plan […]

Check out Mr J Unplugged

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Here’s a video of Mr J recorded live unplugged  at the Mojo Alice HQ

Video – “In My Head” Guitar Playthrough – With Commentary

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December 16th 2020 Update

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Hi ya rockers! We of Mojo Alice hope you are all well and keeping safe from the pandemic. If you are in lockdown at the moment in your part of the world, we are thinking of you, sending positive vibes to you and your family. Fortunately, in New Zealand due to our small population, we […]

No Rest For The Wicked

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With gigs booked in March and April 2020 and running hot at rehearsals, we were looking forward to getting out playing live again so it was very disappointing to have to cancel our shows due to COVID-19. With an 8-week lockdown looming the hard part was always going to be not rehearsing and seeing each […]

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