No Rest For The Wicked

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With gigs booked in March and April 2020 and running hot at rehearsals, we were looking forward to getting out playing live again so it was very disappointing to have to cancel our shows due to COVID-19. With an 8-week lockdown looming the hard part was always going to be not rehearsing and seeing each […]

Sending you some positive vibes..

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  Hello and how are you in these strange times?! We of Mojo Alice just wanted to touch base and send some positive vibes your way, while we all work through this crazy Coronavirus! It’s amazing to see how people react in such times, cant lie – is great fodder for song lyrics! Social media […]

Live In The Studio – “The Creature” Video Recording

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You may not be aware of this, but “Liquid Sin” was recorded live (yes we have gone old school) in two days. Sure, the guitar solos were done separately but 95% of the recording was done in less than 48 hours. This is quite an achievement considering we did it all ourselves with our own […]

Liquid Sin Is Out Now!

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Mojo Alice’s Debut Album “Liquid Sin” Is Out Now Click here to get yourself a copy!

Our Recipe For Writing Rocking Tunes

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In 2017 after being together about 15 months, we got bored learning covers and weren’t finding it a challenge so, we started jamming on riffs at rehearsal and out of nowhere, Brodie came up with the opening riff to “In My Head”. The song itself fell into place very quickly and has elements of Zeppelin’s […]

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