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Mojo Alice – “Liquid Sin”

Release date 1/9/2019

Artist Information

Label – Drop Dead Records
Genre – Blues / Rock
Hometown – Wellington, New Zealand
Influences – ACDC / ZZ Top / Pantera / Halestorm
Sounds Like – Heavily distorted guitar-based Rock band,
with a cool blues groove and fronted by a deceptively
aggressive and raw, yet soothing sound.

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Past Events

6/12/19 – Support for “The Feelers” at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club

7/12/19 – The Worlds Biggest Sleepout

7/12/19 – Support for “The Feelers”& “Stellar*”


Phone – +6427 454 6644


A collective force of nature, Mojo Alice are a band of individually experienced and proficient musicians with a passion for heavy grooves, infectious riffs and powerful vocals.

Gaining fans from their hometown Wellington, New Zealand, as well as further afield in Australia and the United States, they’ve become a band synonymous with tight, energetic live performances and timeless blues-rock anthems. Inspired by the likes of ACDC, ZZ Top, Motorhead, Pantera, Warlock, and Halestorm, Mojo Alice’s music is purpose-built to have your toes tapping and head banging before you can say “Get Me Another Drink!”

A four-piece of Bro-D, Matty Ray, Morpheus Tilley, and Jem Tupe, Mojo Alice is a powerful, interwoven tapestry of individual and collective abilities.

Bro-D’s work with the guitar has long since defined the band’s theme, offering up thunderous riffs and deft chord progression on a scale rarely seen before, while Matty Ray takes lead with his solid, unyielding bass lines, giving the band’s sound a deep and heavy drive. Elsewhere, Morpheus’ solid rhythmic drums keep the band locked into a tight, calculated sound, while Jem’s vocals soar above the maelstrom of blues sounds, bringing to the fore a captivating stage presence and undeniable passion.

2018 was a rapid-fire time of inspiration and creation, with the band writing eleven original songs, competing in the National Battle Of The Bands Competition and beating eighty other bands to make it to the national finals held in Auckland.

With no sign of slowing down, the band entered 2019 with the same driven and determination, recording their debut album, ‘Liquid Sin’, and releasing the first single to rave reviews across the United States.

Liquid Sin is now mixed & mastered and available for purchase at