Mojo Alice – New Single “Sad Face”

Release date – 29/4/2022


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Phone – +6427 454 6644


Who would have thought a vocalist’s barefooted stomp would cause so much chaos…

Overflowing with charisma, New Zealand’s female-fronted Mojo Alice brews up a potent combination of stomp rock & blues.

They have the unapologetic balls of AC/DC, the darkness and soul of Robert Johnson and is perfect music to drink and raise hell too..

With over 160,000 Spotify streams and 3000 playlist adds in very short order, the band’s “fans first” approach is disrupting more than just expectations, and in the true spirit of rock n roll – Mojo Alice vowed to do things their own way…

Mojo Alice’s debut album Liquid Sin (originally released in 2019) was recently remastered and reissued.

Now comes “Sad Face” the first single of the upcoming album – “Chompin’ At The Bit”

Recorded in New Zealand and produced by Kentucky-based Jeff Westlake, “Chompin’ At The Bit” is made up of 10 high-energy, stomp rock tracks, oozing with attitude.

Mojo Alice is excited to release their new album and look forward to touring internationally in 2022 and beyond.


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