Sending you some positive vibes..

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Hello and how are you in these strange times?!

We of Mojo Alice just wanted to touch base and send some positive vibes your way, while we all work through this crazy Coronavirus!

It’s amazing to see how people react in such times, cant lie – is great fodder for song lyrics!
Social media is buzzing with all sorts of stories and while some tug on your heartstrings, some make you shake your head or simply laugh out loud.

It is important to remember however that while the world navigates through this loo paper madness, the virus is a real threat and all should be taking the necessary steps to stay safe.

So do that please, ok?

We wanna see you all on the other side – because this will pass and we will share lots more music and stories with you.

We would love to hear some of your own experiences – feel free to message us back if you feel like sharing!

Stay safe, stay well, stay in touch and take care lovely mofo’s!

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