Single 2 – Burning Bridges is OUT NOW!!

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New Zealand’s female-fronted hellraisers, Mojo Alice are following on from their first single of 2022, “Sad Face” with new rager, Burning Bridges – check it out here:

Frontwoman Jem Tupe says of the track, “Using words to spread seeds of lies and doubt. Those words are like flames that spread fires and burn bridges that may never be mended. Be prepared to reap what you sow.”

Beer drinkers and hell raisers, take notice: Mojo Alice are the band rock has been waiting for, distorted blues groove with headbanging arena rock! Calling their sound Stomp Rock, Mojo Alice are tearing through New Zealand with a fury unchecked. Releasing their debut album, Liquid Sin in 2019, Mojo Alice quickly gained attention for their infectious female-fronted rock sound. The album racked up over 190,000 Spotify plays and found them on thousands of playlists. With a comparable sound somewhere between AC/DC, Janis Joplin, and the no f**ks given attitude of Motorhead, Mojo Alice are on track to be rock’s next big thing.

They get their chance to deliver on that promise later this year with their second album, Chompin ‘at the Bit. Mojo Alice released “Sad Face,” the album’s lead single, in April and has several single releases to follow. With the album’s summer release comes national and international touring, bringing the band’s barefoot stomp and roaring sound to stages worldwide. Roll with it or get rolled over—Mojo Alice’s train can’t be stopped now.

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