Working The Wakeboarding Crowd

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Well, this past Saturday was Mojo Alices first gig for 2019…

It had come around quickly as we only got invited to play at Christmas time which was great as we were eager to get back onstage. This was a bit of a different occasion for us to play at as it was at a fairly new wakeboard park in a little town over here called Foxton.

None of us had really seen or been to a wakeboard park before but it was quite a pleasant surprise and looked like a lot of fun! There were two main lanes for riders to whizz up and down, one for learners and one for the more experienced with jumps and ramps who were showcasing all their talent flipping upside down and all sorts of impressive tricks.

After watching all the riders do there best in the finals and baring the sweltering heat it was time to watch the opening act called “Swamp Valley Goons”. These guys put on quite a show performing classic rock and pop songs from Ozzy’s “CrazyTrain” to John Farnham’s “The Voice” and even being able to get a bit of crowd participation.

It was very Impressive…

After the Swamp Valley Goons finished there set it was time for prize giving and the best WakeBoarders of the day to receive their trophies.

But more importantly, it was time for Mojo Alice to set up!

Now the day had run behind schedule and it was starting to get dark which made setting up and ultimately playing somewhat “interesting”. The organizers had anticipated us playing at 8 pm which would have been fine but it was now 930 pm and unfortunately, we didn’t really have sufficient lighting.

But as you do in this business, Put On Your Boots And Rock It!

We pumped through the set and everything was sounding great considering a few difficulties which come in this business. Limited lighting and Dodgy power, and by dodgy I mean we blew a fuse and the end of the 5th song. Silence, Lights out and everything pitch black.

It was quite funny actually and the audience had a good laugh.

We finished the set, thanked the audience and started the pack down. Then a shout from the darkness “PLAY MORE SONGS, WE’LL PAY YOU”. Being a musician is hard and we would be silly to turn down cash right?

So we rocked out 7 or so more songs for an extra $200!! We must be doing something right huh!!

All in all, it was a great day and great experience and well definitely look at coming back next year.

Congratulations to all the riders who participated and who went home with a prize! You make it look way easier that I bet it is!



  • Laura says:

    What a testament to the talent!! That’s crazy cool!!

  • Fred Dodds says:

    Sounds like a great time was had by ALL!!
    MOJO ALICE must have “crushed” that 1st set!! For them to pay you to play more tunes speaks volumes about the band’s talents!!

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